The Succession Solution

The Survival Guide for Business Transition

By Brad Franc

As a business owner, you face countless challenges, tasks, and tests to keep your business running daily. For many of these challenges, you are already well-armed and experienced. Whether it relates to sales, employees, or the operation of your business, you have been handling these tests for years, and you have a keen sense of how to achieve your goals.

One challenge you may find particularly daunting, however, is the succession of your business. It is a challenge because you may not possess the necessary experience, expertise, or familiarity to do it right. Nonetheless, you must eventually decide what to do with your business. Without an effective plan for the succession of your business, it is very likely your business—along with its value—will diminish, or even fail altogether. Statistics show that approximately 75 percent of all businesses fail to survive past the first generation. More than 85 fail by the third generation, and over 95 fail beyond that.

If you are a business owner, or you are working with one, then this book is for you. It provides both an explanation of the importance of succession planning, as well as a practical, straight-forward, and proven system that can be used to continue your business to the next generation, whether your successor is a family member(s), an employee, or a third party.

This book will show you how to achieve a successful transition of your business to the next generation of leaders. In fact, if you read and follow the steps outlined in this book, you will dramatically improve the survival and prosperity of your company’s future.

Choose Your Own Roles

Realize Your Purpose Through The Roles You Live
By Brad Franc

Did you ever get frustrated thinking you have not realized your full potential? Have you ever wondered how you ended up in those roles you currently live or what your real purpose in life is? Do you think it is too late or too hard to change your life. If you’ve thought about any of these questions you are certainly not alone.

Unlike several books on this topic, this book will not tell you what your purpose or role should be. Rather, it is a process to help find your purpose, choose your roles, live those roles and re-adjust when appropriate. Each chapter is a progression-your own personal roadmap that will help you understand your purpose and how to live a life that is more purpose-driven.

This book will help you discover your unique purpose and show how to pursue that purpose through the roles you live.